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For over 20 years in favour of animal health and animal welfare

For over 20 years active in the territory

The A.S.T.A, Association of Animal Health and Protection is managed by veterinarians and supporting members. It ‘a non-profit organization that deals with the care of stray animals, collected from citizens and brought to visit for health checks and sterilization plans. Cats and dogs abandoned, by tragic chance, become stray animals, for an irresponsible and criminal act, which upsets their lives and also that of those who may be involved in accidents that originate from that hateful and cowardly abandonment. Since 1994 the A.S.T.A. Association has sterilized over 2,500 animals a year, visited over 30,000 of them, operated about 4,000 and carried out as many analyses and hospitalized over 5,000. The ASTA has in fact a visit room, two surgical rooms, three stations for hospitalization, all to accommodate animals in need of care. In addition to the care of stray animals, the Association takes care of their reintegration in protected areas and, if possible, in selected families. It carries out for its members, pensioners and indigent people, benefits at minimum rates. The Association does not receive any public funding, the only way to support it, in addition to the membership fee, is entrusted to individual donations. The structure available to the association is operational from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 21:00.

Support the ASTA with cards, donations bringing blankets, food, medicines, accessories, bowls and a lot of love for the animals in hospital. They collect strays who need care, and many times they manage to provide them with a roof and a master.


They take care of the young patients, never lacking water and food, assist doctors in the administration of medicines, therapies and surgical rooms, keeping the rooms disinfected and tidy. They also try to satisfy the numerous requests of those who have to deal with stray animals, abandoned or with feline colonies by providing advice and useful numbers, and also some small tricks for the daily management of our four-legged friend.

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